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Why Toby?

The idea for Toby began in 2004, when our three year old son asked me a question after church: ‘If God lives in my heart, when I die – will He die too?’ I explained that his spirit is like a little house inside him, and when his body dies; his spirit lives on and goes to be with God’s spirit forever. A few days later I woke with a story in my head about a little boy who meets Jesus in his heart.

That ‘little boy’ became Toby and that story turned into the first of a series of Toby adventures.

We hope to accomplish two things – to inspire today’s kids to explore an inner life with God, and to show them how to live out the Bible’s wisdom in everyday life.

It never ceases to amaze us how God uses these stories to touch little lives around the world. Kids with debilitating fears have been healed, even psychologists have used the films in their counselling with astounding results. Adults too, have been deeply touched by God’s Spirit speaking through the stories.

We hope you’ll be inspired too.


A quick look at the journey so far…Adventures of Toby Timeline Infographic